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Innotec of WI, Inc.
Slitting Services


Customers seeking custom width rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes as well as many other types of material, come to Innotec! Using state-of-the-art lathe slitters ensures quality standards and that specifications are met.

Innotec uses a variety of slitting methods to slit tapes, films, foils, foams and other flexible materials with or without adhesives to custom widths, from large master size logs to micro slit rolls.

Rewind Slitting offers customers tight tolerance capabilities along with the flexibility to vary the width and length of materials.

Do not settle for standard sizes when our slitting capabilities allow for the conversion of any size rolls into finished custom roll sizes for your unique job or process.

  • Maximum Width: 62”
  • Maximum OD Unwind: 48”
  • Maximum OD Rewind: 32”
  • Varied Core Sizes Available
  • Line and Edge Guide Capabilities
  • Razor, Shear, and Score Slitting
  • Perfing and Serrating

  • Minimum slit Width: 1/16”
  • Maximum Slit Width: 60”
  • Maximum OD: 15”
  • Varied Core Sizes Available
We've got your job covered any way you slice it Slitting
Innotec Slitting
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INNOTEC of Wisconsin, Inc.   4145 Courtney Street, Suite #1,   Franksville, WI 53126   Phone: 1-800-776-7194   Fax: 262.637.8205
A division of RC Incorporated.
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